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Cannabis Labels


Remember when the only way to acquire cannabis products was through purchasing on the black market? But seriously, in most places in North America, long gone are the days when cannabis users have to resort to sketchy black or grey market deals. When it comes to cannabis and cannabis packaging, the market is now green – the color of money.

The US cannabis packaging market was valued at $842.7 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 30.6% from 2022 to 2030. The market is witnessing significant growth, owing to the increasing legalization of cannabis usage in US states. As of today, the recreational use of cannabis has been legalized in 21 US states, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Washington DC, while a plethora of other states and US territories have decriminalized its use, perhaps paving the way for further legalization. Internationally, more dominos continue to fall. In North America, both Mexico and Canada have legalized cannabis nationwide. Many cannabis experts believe it’s only a matter of time until cannabis is legalized at the federal level.

It’s been a rapidly growing market segment and will continue to keep growing rapidly as more states become legal with medical and recreational usage. And it’s not just flower and edibles anymore. There are all sorts of products in foods, beverages, topicals, strips and more. Cannabis and CBD has really branched out into all sorts of products for consumers to buy – and in all types of packaging

The types of packaging for cannabis products are numerous and varied. Outside of the printing segment, demand is strong for glass and plastic jars and tubes in all shapes and sizes, as well as accompanying caps and closures, in addition to resealable and smell-proof bags. And within the printing and converting space, there’s tremendous demand.

The state of the cannabis labeling market is incredibly strong, With more states legalizing medical as well as recreational cannabis, the market is exploding. More and more products adorn shelves of bespoke dispensaries opening the digital print-possible world for labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging.

Demand is strong and on the upswing. This is probably the fastest growing market in the label industry right now, with more potential to continue as cannabis becomes legalized throughout the US and world.
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